So, What’s it Really Like to Own a Restaurant?

We’ll start off by making a few very important observations so you get a feel for what it takes to be successful (actually make money) in this business. lieferservice baden baden

First is Experience – not simply the kind of experience of “owning something”; but actual working experience in a restaurant.

Many will say what does it matter, I could own a gas station and never have pumped a gallon of gas before, and I say your kind of right, however, although there are similarities like paying bills, employees etc. there are many differences in the “actual” day to day business operations.

A huge difference!

I say experience first because; most first time restaurant owners do not realize what’s it actually like “behind the scenes” in a restaurant…..on a Friday night when you have a 30 minute wait at the front door and your one of your better cooks and a waitress called in sick for the night……a side note…..on the positive side with your heart rate up so high…… and always being on your feet….. you don’t have to worry about gaining weight……so back to that night……just that one night alone can make your life a living hell depending on what type of “service” you offer in your restaurant……. now imagine you will most likely have this same scenario many more times in your restaurant ownership career.

Owning a restaurant is a double edge sword.

It’s exciting to the point that every day is a new challenge…it has great people when you can find them….who are worth their weight in gold…..sometimes…..employees you can trust in this business are hard to come by so when you do keep them….we’ll write more about that later….

The picture I want to paint here is so that you will see both sides of the business with no punches held back…I will tell you like it is in reality……..the good and bad as we go…

You’ll see it’s a stark difference from the guy behind the desk in the gas station waiting for somebody to pump gas and buy some beer.

I have built several restaurants from scratch from an idea on a napkin at a bar. I can say with confidence that the potential restaurant owner usually see’s him or herself sitting at the private table in the back of their restaurant entertaining guests and ordering friends drinks at the bar….generally being the loving “owner” of this nice restaurant