Handling Parcel Returns

If you as an individual send a lot of parcels, through selling goods from home or at online auctions, or your company sends a lot of parcels, then at some point you are going to have to deal with the issue of parcel returns.

Now companies do not like to have parcels returned from a customer, as the cost of handling a customer return far often outweighs the profit made on the original item. Indeed depending on the item in the returned parcel, if it is of a high value or complex nature, the repair and return of the parcel can outweigh the cost of the goods several times over. Send Parcels to USA

This is one of the reasons why modern goods come so well packed when they are sent as postal parcels. It is simply more cost effective to spend more on packing, than risk damage to the parcel in transit.

When a parcel is returned, you will quickly have to establish the extent of the damage to the goods, and more importantly who is liable. In most circumstances your customer is likely to want you to resend the goods in a new parcel as soon as possible.

This is advisable for customer satisfaction, but you need to check that the damage to the goods ties in with damage to the parcel e.g. if the parcel is undamaged and the goods were well packed, then the customer may have damaged them after unpacking the parcel. Or you may have to take it up with the parcel courier if it is clearly classed as damage in transit. There maybe a delay in claiming for the loss though.

Clearly each parcel return will be different, and the decision you make about how you handle each parcel return will vary. The most important thing with parcel returns is to regularly update your customer.